Join me in exploring the mental health benefits of exercise as a means to manage stress, enhance mood, and work towards a healthier body and mind.

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Fitness Goals + Mindset Do Matter

When it comes to setting fitness goals, having the right mindset matters in helping you see through to success. Begin with evaluating your first thought about setting a fitness goal. Ask yourself questions like: “What prompted me to set this goal?” or “Why do I want to…exercise, eat better, etc.?“ Improving health, being stronger, runningContinue reading “Fitness Goals + Mindset Do Matter”

Imagine a mobile app that can summarize your physical and mental health

Measuring health is more than just being free from illness and injury. Health should encompass your physical and mental well-being. We can develop tools to evaluate how we’re doing in taking care of ourselves. I have envisioned a mobile device application where a person can work with a professional in creating personalized scales measuring otherContinue reading “Imagine a mobile app that can summarize your physical and mental health”

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